Effective June 1, 2013: 7% sales tax will be added to general admission for bar and lodging (Cash discount 7%). 12% will be added to overnight lodging (Cash discount 12%).

Group Dungeon Temporarily Out of Service

Eyz Double Down Drinks

Free Buffet

Free Pizza

Early Bird Special 2013

EWS Happy Hour

Eyz Wide Shut is Florida’s #1 Upscale On-Premise Swingers Club & Lodging. We have a fully licensed liquor bar, dance floor, game room, and a covered outdoor social & smoking area. Our club offers a sexy atmosphere for lifestyle couples and singles to meet and greet. Capacity for over 700 guests inside & 200 guests outside with bar & lodging makes for an exciting night of adventure!

Take a tour of our newly renovated adult lodging and fall in love with some of our spectacular rooms. Choose from the Lady Godiva Suite, Cleopatra Suite, Seaside Suite, Dungeon Suite, Brass Bed Suite, Zebra Lounger Suite, Harem Suite, Wild, Wild West Suite, Asian Ecstasy Suite, Double Pleasure Suite or Lovers Lane to live out your fantasy or experience romance with a little ambiance.

Enjoy 12 theme private & group rooms with your Full Access purchase. Rooms are on a first come, first serve basis. We have a time limit, so please respect this rule. Eyz Wide Shut also has overnight stay rooms available for an additional fee. Fees vary by room.

Complimentary Tours

Eyz Wide Shut offers a comfortable atmosphere for lifestyle couples and singles to meet and mingle. This is a no pressure atmosphere for people of all lifestyles to enjoy time after time.

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